Monday, January 3, 2011

Wall Wisher

Just before the holidays, I tried a web 2.0 tool called wall wisher with my staff. It is an application where folks asked to participate can post a short message (up to 160 characters) to a virtual wall. You can make your wall private or public, and you can moderate comments before they appear on the wall, if you wish. The owner of the wall can also delete the "sticky notes" that others have posted. I sent the link out to all faculty and staff, and I had 22 responses - about a third participated. I guess considering how busy the holiday season is, that's not bad. I got positive response from those who participated saying that it was fun to see what others were planning for the vacation time. What was really cool was the way the participants used the wall. Some just left a "sticky note." Others attached a photo, a video, or a link to a website.

The application definitely has educational applications. While I am not at liberty to share the wall that I created, here is a link to a wonderful google document showcasing lots of educational uses for

I hope everyone enjoyed the first day back to school. It was wonderful to have a break, but now it's back to learning adventures.

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sydney said...

thanks for the advice on wallwisher. i couldnt work out how to delete other notes. the 'idiot filter' in the FAQ s was helpful