Monday, January 31, 2011

Playing with Prezi

Our 7th grade English classes are reading Call of the Wild by Jack London. Some of the kids were asked to use some technology tool (Glogster, Prezi, PowerPoint, Google Presentations, etc.) to present one of their vocabulary words. They needed the word - a definition - part of speech -antonym- context sentence - and image, if appropriate. I am always amazed at the creativity of our students - far greater than my own.
Anyway, I have played a bit with Prezi, and I decided I wanted to make a study guide for the kids with all of the words.(I only did the definitions and some images.)What's nice about Prezi is that it provides not only a link to the Prezi online but also an embed code. Here is my attempt. I just wanted to make sure I understood how to use the tool. Hopefully, I'll be able to some of the students' attempts. These tools really don't change the basics of learning vocabulary words; they just make it more fun. The ability to share with others lends engagement, as well.

Here is the permanent link they provided for this Prezi:

If you haven't looked at Prezi, go to their site. There are lots of good examples of students learning, recreating, and then sharing with other. The learning is what it is all about.


Paul Bogush said...

Make sure you sign up for, or switch your account over to the education version.

Mrs. Stanley said...

Hi, Paul,
I am already on the educational account.