Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thanks to Paul Bogush- a fellow educator and blogger supreme

I met Paul Bogush through twitter. He is an amazing educator who waxes eloquent on his blog. My posts are much more mundane, but I certainly enjoy reading his blog, and his posts certainly make me think. I saw the word matching gadget from Free Dictionary on one of his classroom blogs and decided to add it to mine.
Here is the link to his  main blog:


We educators are so lucky to have the opportunity to reach out and share with other educators. So often, teachers are isolated in their classrooms, locked into 42 to 50 minute periods, with hardly a free moment in the day to connect with other educators in their own schools. Now we have the ability to not only connect with our colleagues in our own school but with dedicated teachers from all over the world. What a great way to learn, be inspired, and reflect on how we can become better teachers ourselves.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mrs. Miller's Bethany Book Blog

Summer vacation is nearly half over, and I haven't done as much reading as I would like.
I am anxiously awaiting the publication of the third book in the Hunger Games Series, Mockingjay.
I was just looking at Mrs. Miller's book blog, and she had added a couple of new posts. If you are looking for some good titles, read her current posts, and don't forget to click on older posts. She has an intriguing selection of books reviewed there. I hope to read a couple of them, myself.
Hope everyone is enjoying vacation!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Discovery Educator Network Blog-Den Summer School 2010

The wonders of our Discovery Education Streaming subscription just keep getting better and better.

Want some free professional development? This is copied from the DEN site:
"Who ever said summer school isn’t fun? Get ready for your school year with an amazing series of free professional development sessions from the Discovery Educator Network (DEN)!
DEN Summer School begins August 2. Click on any of the session titles below for more information and to register. All sessions start at 11AM ET."
Here is the link: (You may have to log in; I am not sure.)

Backyard Wonders

It's summer, and I am so grateful to have time to enjoy my backyard. The raspberry bushes started producing berries about 3 weeks earlier than usual, and I picked several quarts of them this season. Now, with the heat, they are pretty dried up. The birds are enjoying raiding the remaining berries, and we've enjoyed such a bounty of fruit that I don't even mind.
Speaking of birds, we have a family of blue-jays in our yard again this year. One of the fledglings either was pushed or fell out of its nest the other day. While she was learning to use her wings, I had the opportunity to get a number of pictures of her. And now, it seems she has a brother. Here is a picture my husband captured of the siblings getting a drink from the waterfall by my pond:

Their parents were not far away, and they were keeping a close eye on their offspring. Isn't this just a wonderful picture? What a treat!

On another note, I have to praise my iPhone and stress how this mobile device enabled me to share an ode to my backyard with my local newspaper. Jim Shelton, a reporter for the New Haven Register, has called on folks to report on "a handful of summer." I had ripped the invite with his email out of the paper, and it was sitting on the table in my garage. I was viewing the backyard through the screens on the back of the garage, and I got inspired and jotted down a quick description of how my backyard represents my own personal "handful of summer." If I had had to go into the house, boot up my laptop, and write my message, it might never have happened. However, since I had my iPhone right there, I logged into my gmail account, went to compose mail, added the address from the register, typed my blurb, and hit "send." I heard the familiar whoosh, and it was on its way.
On Monday, I taught a professional development session on the wonders of using our Discovery Education subscription, and while I was at school, my husband told me a man had come pounding on our door asking for Carolyn Stanley. It seems that Jim showed up with a small camera and asked to go into our yard. He filmed a video which made the electronic edition of the paper along with the piece I had written. How exciting to share and be  recognized. That's the power of 21st century leaning offered to our kids. That's what will keep education engaging for them.
Here is a link to the article at the New Haven Register online. You'll have to scroll down to see the link to the video and even further down in the article to see the piece that I wrote. Enjoy.
I hope you'll leave me a comment if you like it.

Happy Summer - I'm up late and had better get to bed.
This has been an exciting evening of learning and sharing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Many Blog Posts Floating in My Brain

Oh, my.
I feel terrible. I have so many posts floating about in my brain that I never got posted into the blog. I especially want to add a belated post about my experience at the Discovery Education Network Spring Conference that I attended in Massachusetts in May. Watch for it.
So - just to get back into the swing of things, I am reporting on a webinar I attended tonight hosted by Steve Hargadon of He interviewed Heidi Hayes Jacobs about her new book Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World
Lately, I have not participated in as many webinars as previously, and I've really missed the collaboration in the chat with other educators around the nation and world. I had heard Heidi speak at a professional development session, but I did not get nearly as much out of that as I did listening to her in a video window in Elluminate and being able to comment on what she was saying in the chat. That made the experience much more immediate and engaging. This is really an aspect of education that we need to offer to kids. NASA does some webinars for students during the school day. It will be exciting if we can get our school signed up to participate in one. Ideally, we'll have each student at a computer, logged into the webinar, and able to participate in the chat.
The Classroom2.0 webinars as well as the Future of Education webinars are archived for later viewing, so they are a great professional development resource.
Here is a link to the archive page:

I hope everyone is having a great summer. What a wonderful time to refresh, renew, and have time to connect with other educators in preparation for another school year that will be here sooner than we can imagine.

By the way, I am keeping a daily diary of my summer 2010, just so it won't slip through my fingers.