Monday, April 21, 2008

Another try to upload Dr. Michael Wesch's video "Web 2.0, the Machine is Using Us"

Dr. Wesch was the keynote speaker at the conference I attended at UConn on April 11, 2008. The conference was called "The New Media Literacies for Today's Plugged-in Generation". The conference's tag line was "a conference promoting media literacy in young people today."

Dr. Wesch, a cultural anthropologist and digital ethnographer from Kansas State University became a prominent figure in this field after he produced the video in the title of this blog and uploaded it to YouTube. It has been watched by over 3 million people.

In order to get this video to play in the blog, I had to convert it from a flash movie to a .avi format using the conversion tool at It is a fairly large file of 46 mb, but Blogger says it will take a movie file of up to 100mb. If it plays in the frame below, we'll have success.
If not, it's back to the drawing board.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A PowerPoint Presentation from Helen Blowers, the initiator of the CLA Classroom Learning 2.0 Project

I haven't posted in nearly a month. It is now Sunday, April 20, and I have to return to school tomorrow after a very nice week off. I was showing my brother my Google Notebook and somehow got caught in the web and started following links from my notebook concerning my project with the California Library Association's "Classroom Learning 2.0 Project."
I found the presentation below which Helen Blowers had presented at a conference.
It is a static presentation, but it reviews the project nicely and shows how other participants were engaged in the process.

If you click on the icon of the people in the bottom right of the frame, the slide show will open in the application in which she created it -"Slide Share". There you can click on the icon of a slide projector, and the show will open full screen which makes it easier to read.

Learning 2.0
From: hblowers, 2 days ago

Presentation for Texas Lib Assoc.