Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thanks to Paul Bogush- a fellow educator and blogger supreme

I met Paul Bogush through twitter. He is an amazing educator who waxes eloquent on his blog. My posts are much more mundane, but I certainly enjoy reading his blog, and his posts certainly make me think. I saw the word matching gadget from Free Dictionary on one of his classroom blogs and decided to add it to mine.
Here is the link to his  main blog:


We educators are so lucky to have the opportunity to reach out and share with other educators. So often, teachers are isolated in their classrooms, locked into 42 to 50 minute periods, with hardly a free moment in the day to connect with other educators in their own schools. Now we have the ability to not only connect with our colleagues in our own school but with dedicated teachers from all over the world. What a great way to learn, be inspired, and reflect on how we can become better teachers ourselves.


Helen said...

You are so right Carolyne. The technology allows us to access the PD that we need for our own self development but if we harness the energy we can give our students a look at the lives of others through connected classrooms. Our "Digital Native" students, even though switched onto technology, in a lot of cases are more sheltered from the outside world than ever before. Technology has enabled them to keep in constant contact with their friends (but few others) and even driving in the car these days the kids are glued to a screen in the form of a incar DVD player. They then miss out on important socialisation and communication cues as well as learning about the world they live in. The majority of the DVD's are such an artificial world.
We look forward to connecting with our schools on the opposite side of the world.
aka: hihelen 18

Mrs. Stanley said...

So happy to hear from you, Helen. I too look forward to having some of our students at Bethany Middle School be able to learn about and with students from other parts of the world.
I wondered why you attached your comment to this particular post, and I had to reread my own post to remember what I'd written about connecting with others globally. I am so glad to have made contact with you at the FETC on-line conference and hope that it will lead to more exciting connections.