Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Learning New Things all the time

I was working on my Web2.0 California Library Association project and followed one of their links to Eric Langhorst's page. He is an eighth-grade history teacher in Liberty, Missouri who has been using collaborative web 2.0 tools with his classes for the past few years. He is very willing to share what he's learned with teachers all over the world. Without Web 2.0 tools, this would be nigh on to impossible.
Anyway, when I clicked on a "slideshare" presentation in his blog about why it's so important for educators to embrace Web 2.0 tools and use them with their students, I saw a link where I could embed his presentation in my blog. When I clicked on the link, it gave me a choice. I could copy the .html code and paste it into a post, OR I could click on the "Blogger" icon, type in my username and password, and have it embedded automatically. I clicked on that link, and within a minute, the presentation was embedded in my blog.

Please take time to click through Mr. Langhorst's presentation. It is very persuasive and inspirational.

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