Saturday, April 21, 2012

Belated Post #1 - Dumpling Making

 On a current note, twenty-two of our students are currently in China during our spring break accompanied by our principal, the principal from Orange Middle School, a science teacher, and Ms. Wu. They have been having a wonderful experience, sightseeing and learning about Chinese culture with their buddies from Century School. Tomorrow they visit the Great Wall of China before flying back home on Sunday.
Now to the belated post!
On Valentine's Day Ms. Wu's 7th grade Mandarin Chinese Class students had the opportunity to learn how to make authentic Chinese Dumplings. Ms. Wu brought in dumpling wrappers and a bowl of chopped scallion and  scrambled egg that she had prepared at home. She then taught the students how to properly dampen the wrapper so it would stick, fill it with just the correct amount of filling, and pinch it closed so that it wouldn't spill out its delicious filling when it was boiled. We were so fortunate to have Ms. Wu's mother assisting. She was on an extended visit from China, and the students greatly appreciated her warmth and expertise in assisting them. Enjoy the experience through the photos below.

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