Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amity Middle School's Pre- Relay for Life Fundraiser

It was a gorgeous day on Friday, April 13 -not at all unlucky! The students had a revised schedule so that they finished all classes by 12:50 pm. Then the special program started. The students first watched a short video clip from Britain's Got Talent showcasing the remarkable talent of 17 year old Jonathan Antoine- an opera star in the making. It was to remind students not to judge someone or make fun of them because of physical appearance. Here is a link to the clip. It's worth watching:

Next Mrs. Mahon went on the PA to thank the students for the money they had raised the previous couple days and to let them know that donations were still welcome. In fact, luminary bags were available to decorate for a $5.00 donation. The luminary bags will light the track at the actual Relay for Life which is being held on Friday, April 27 at the High Plains Community Center in Orange. The proceeds from our fundraiser will be added to the ones collected at the actual event which starts at 6:00 pm with the luminary ceremony at 9:00 pm. All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society and will go for more research to put an end to this terrible disease.

BREAKING NEWS! Just in! - Mrs. Mahon said that Bethany Middle School raised 2,087 dollars. That is an amazing amount considering the short time that the fundraiser lasted. Remember, you can still contribute at the actual event taking place this Friday, April 27.

Enjoy the pictures of the students and staff enjoying a wonderful day, getting lots of exercise, and contributing to a great cause. Thanks to all the students, staff, band, and chorus who made the event so successful. A special thanks to Mrs. Mahon and the Life Art's Team for initiating and organizing the event.
Hopefully, many of you will show up and participate in the event this Friday.

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