Sunday, September 4, 2011

My blog is visible again!

Well, that was scary. I have put a lot of time and energy into this blog even though I don't post everyday, and when I kept getting the error message that the page could not be displayed, it was disconcerting. I have learned from my son to check the forums when I'm having a problem, and that is just what I did. Come to find out there was a post from another blogger with the exact same problem. One of the responders told her to go to her layout tab in the dashboard of her blog and see if she had the blogrolling gadget because that was causing problems. I followed the advice, found the offending gadget and removed it, and Voila! my blog was visible again. So, if anyone has a problem with a piece of software or a driver for one of the devices hooked to their computers, or trouble with an online application, go to the forums and check for solutions. It is not always as easy as this fix, but it's a start.


Janice Robertson said...

That would definitely alarm me too! Even though I don't have lots of followers, I love having a blog as both a reflective place and a reader's advisory section. I often go back and read what I was thinking about or even reading, several months ago. It would NOT be nice if that suddenly "disappeared". Glad you were able to get it back.

Learning Curves said...

You obviously have some of the most important characteristics of a life long learner (just like my mom!); problem solving skills and tenacity! I'm a new reader to your blog and look forward to discovering your ideas and especially collaborating.