Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fabulous Mural Adorning the Entrance to the Life Arts Wing

I've been meaning to post about this wonderful piece of art work that was in the making for the entire school year 2010~2011, but it's taken until now, the start of another school year, to get it done. Rather than recreate the wheel, I am pasting the content of the article that our own, wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Frank, wrote about the project, and then I'll put in several photos showing the progression.

Art News from Mrs. Frank
When students walk down the long hallway leading to the art room, they are greeted by a colorful and vibrant wall sized ceramic tile mural entitled
“Express Yourself.”
8th grade art elective classes recently completed work on a yearlong project. The students made clay tiles by hand and created figures. This is an activity which expresses their individuality and uniqueness. Some examples of tiles include reading, singing, playing guitar, baking, dancing, and playing sports. Some figures are ‘stepping outside the box,’ and oneis an astronaut flying in space. One student said her dream was to ‘paint the sky’ and she created her figure holding a paintbrush with swirls of paint in the night sky.
Students learned about the artist Keith Haring, and modeled their work in his style of bold lines, vivid colors and active figures in motion. Haring was known for his subway drawings, murals, and strong messages of life, love and unity.
This art work was funded by a $1,000 School Arts Mini Grant from the Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation. I would like to thank Judy Primavera for her encouragement and support throughout this project.
When I walk down the hallway to my room seeing this wall of color just makes me smile. I’m so proud of my students!

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