Friday, May 27, 2011

A Memorial Day Observance

In order to impress on students the real reason for the 3-day holiday besides the celebration of the coming of summer, an observance was planned during homeroom time. Students and staff met around the flagpole in the front of the school for a very fitting assembly. The video embedded here captured this nice moment.

The video was recorded and edited on the iPad and uploaded directly to our amsbchannel from the iPad.


Nancy said...

What a wonderful way in which to help students understand the true meaning of this holiday. I like the quality of the video and the fact that you were able to edit and upload it directly using only the iPAD.

Nancy said...

I think this ceremony was a very fitting way to honor our veterans. I hope your students appreciated it.
I like the very clear video you were able to capture with the iPAD. I love that you could edit it directly on the iPAD and upload it from there.

Mrs. Stanley said...

Thanks, Nancy,
My biggest disappointment is that the video won't load in the blog on my iPad, and I'm not sure why. It woes up fine on my laptop, so it's not a permission error.