Monday, May 23, 2011

Experimenting with iPad video, iMovie for iPad, and unlisted video for YouTube

I recently was given the opportunity by my district to test how useful an iPad might be for educational purposes. It is an iPad2 with the video camera and still camera - an essential component for education. It was my honor to be invited by Kevin Berean into his 8th grade tech ed elective class where he was examining the topic of medical technology with his students. After going thorough a great amount of preparation, he was ready to have the kids try out a simulation of laparoscopic surgery. The iPad did a great job of capturing video - easy to hold steady - great resolution even with some backlit situations. I then downloaded the iMovie app for the iPad and edited the video clips into a movie and then uploaded it directly to our amsbchannel on YouTube.
Currently, the video is marked as "unlisted" which means only those who have the link can view it. It does not show up in a general search on YouTube. However, it is not private because the link can be shared. Still, it's not as widely available as it would be if marked "public."
I was also able to get the embed code and should be able to insert in in my blog.
This then has become a multi-leveled experiment.

Here is a special clip of one of our students assisting Dr. Dellinger.I should have spelled it laparoscopic in the title - sorry.

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