Monday, October 12, 2009

Creative Commons Attribution-an experiment

I found this "wordle" on the topic of Google Docs pasted in the a blog by Matt Montagne called the "Digital Down Low". The image is by Nedral. When I decided to use the image in documents I am preparing for parents and staff on our Google Apps for Education roll-out, I clicked on the Creative Commons licensing for the image, and found it was o.k. to use provided I gave attribution to the author. There was also some .html to copy and paste. I tried pasting it into a Google doc, and just the .html pasted, so I knew I needed to put it into a vehicle which would translate .html, so I decided to experiment in my blog. What happened was the .html code actually translated into a link to the wordle's creator's Photo Stream on Flicker. I previewed it, and everything seems appropriate, so I am leaving the link in my blog. There is also a link to an overview of Creative Commons licensing.
I am determined to learn more about using photos, videos, etc. under the Creative Commons licensing in order to use them for educational purposes and follow the copyright guidelines of the creator of the content.

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