Monday, October 5, 2009

Alan November - "Who Owns the Learning"

In my web wanderings this evening - actually, I picked up this link from a tweet by demacisaac, a elementary teacher on P.E.I. in Canada.
The video by Alan November doesn't give us answers but leaves us with lots of questions. Take six minutes to watch it; it's worth it. It reminds me a little of a book by Mel Levine Ready or Not, Here Life Comes. Just as in the video by Mr. November, Mel questions how we can prepare our kids to live lives independent of their parents once the kids come of age.

I have copied the embed code for the video. Hopefully, it will paste successfully below.

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dawnelai said...

HI Carloyn,
Glad you like the video. Have you seen wikipedia's def. of "helicopter parent" Look out for the new term "lawnmower parent"

here's a great post that speaks further on the topic
Hope you like it.