Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing with my Vado Hi Definition Pocket Cam

I am still at school, and it's 6:30PM. I am a crazy lady. I recently purchased a Vado high-definition pocket camcorder. It is a great little tool, and it fits comfortably in my purse. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any program other than the one that came with it to edit my movies. I really wanted to use the recorder for class projects that could be edited in Windows Movie Maker by the kids. So, I did some research on the web and figured out how to record at a lower VGA resolution of 640x480. I did a test movie, and was able to import it into Windows Movie Maker. I am psyched. Now it will be easy to capture video clips and put them together for kids projects.

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Warren said...

Carolyn - Thanks for sharing this great piece of information! This will make it so much easier for teachers to use with students since every computer in the district should have Windows Movie Maker installed on it. Your dedication and enthusiastic manner make you a tremendous asset to the integration of technology here at Amity! Thanks so much for all your efforts!