Thursday, April 16, 2009

Participating in Live Collaborative Web Casts

It's hard to believe that it's Thursday, and we've been on vacation for nearly a whole week. My foray into participating in the live webcasting community began last Thursday evening. I followed a "tweet" from Twitter to the Ed Tech Talk site, and I logged into a live discussion forum. I wasn't connected by voice, but I participated in the chat window and was blown away when the folks who were speaking started to respond to my comments in the sidebar chat panel. I am beginning to understand the whole concept of being connected with others of similar interests and collaborating on how to do our jobs - engaging our students in learning - better.
I joined in again this evening, and was welcomed warmly. In fact, one of the moderators called me on my cell phone, and I was participating live -Everyone logged in could hear what I was saying. It was a little scarey, but really engaging.

One of the topics of the show tonight concerned the live webcast that will take place on Earth Day 09. There is also a Voice Thread set up which I had contributed to last Thursday. When I typed about my participation into the chat, they immediately found my audio response and broadcast it. Amazing. I hope we can get some of our kids to add their voices to the "thread" on Earth Day next week.

Here is the link:

Check it out!

Here is the link to the Ed Tech Talk show:

On Tuesday nights, there is a great show - Women of Web 2.0.

On Thursday nights Seedlings is on, usually hosted by Bob Sprankle and Cheryl Oakes, two famous educators from southern Maine. Tonight's show was on Google educators. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. EST. All of the shows are archived, both the audio and the chat.

At 9:00 p.m. EST is EdTech Brainstorm, which is the one I spoke on live.

So much to learn; so little time.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation.


Cheryl Oakes said...

I would say you have found your personal learning network. We are all with you! Thanks for spreading the word and it is about the conversations. Cheryl

Toby said...

I love the voice thread and I hope the students at Amity will participate. Not only is it fun but the environmental issues are extremely important!!
I love your blog, Carolyn. You are involved in so many different pieces of Web 2.0 - it's wonderful and Amity is so lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see you at Edtechtalk! Glad that you have found it so valuable. Thanks for sharing your Earthcast story at