Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great Workshop offered by Toby and Paul

This afternoon a number of teachers and administrators viewed Two Million Minutes - a Documentary on Global Education in a workshop sponsored by Toby Zabinski and Paul Yashenko. It was a very interesting glimps into how selected students in the U.S, China, and India spend their time in high school preparing for college and careers. The movie provides a lot of food for thought. Toby also gave us a link to the blog for the movie:
I followed one of the links in that blog to the Common Core website developed by an education advocacy group. That is a very interesting site to visit. I downloaded a .pdf of the report "STILL AT RISK: What students don't know, even now"-a report from Common Core by Federick M. Hess. I have only skimmed through some of it, but it is quite interesting and really slams the NCLB governmental program as being detrimental to our students. What else is new?
Anyway, back to the workshop. Paul suggested that next year we might try to get colleagues together, say once a month, to watch and discuss a compelling video on education. It sounds like a good plan.

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