Thursday, May 22, 2008

Adding a Blogroll

I just successfully added a blogroll of blogs that inspire me to my blog.
This was a learning experience for me.
Last evening I had to join in order to get this started. Once I was a member (free) at that site, I could start adding websites that I wanted added to my page.
Today, I logged in and I had to click on a link to get some java code before I could place those links in my blog.
I also had to go to the layout section of my blog, choose new element, choose "add javascript from an external source" or something like that.
I did, and the magic happened.
Lifelong learning. Don't you love it??????

1 comment:

Mark Ahlness said...

Well, yes I do love it, expecially when it works. Reminds of my favorite moment from Little Big Man, from Chief Dan George: "Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't".

But we keep trying, right? So, way to go! Enjoy the rest of your school year and your summer! - Mark