Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Students Rebuild - Cranes for Japan Project

Last March there was a devastating hurricane and tsunami in Japan that "ravaged Japan, taking thousands of lives, and destroying coastal communities." (quotation taken from a newsletter from studentsrebuild.org)
A fund-raising call went out to the world asking students to help with the healing by folding and sending cranes to the organization. The Bezos Family Foundation pledged $200,000 if they received 100,000 cranes. The response to the plea was momentous, and well over a million cranes from all 50 states and over 38 countries were received, and over $500,00 was raised.
At our school Emma Bogush and Maddie Baker led the effort, and in a short period of time, students at our school made and sent in over 300 cranes.

It has been nearly a year, and I got a wonderful newsletter from studentsrebuild.org. They provided an update on the reconstruction progress in Japan as well as a wonderful video showcasing the art installations that have been created with the million cranes received. Enjoy.

There are many ways for our students to get involved and help out others. I suggest you check out the website at http://studentsrebuild.org/ for more details.

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