Friday, January 13, 2012

Talented Students Create Wonderful Projects Showcasing Study of Ancient Egypt

As I walked by Ms. Manzelli's classroom this afternoon, I noticed a lot of engaged students busy with an activity, so I stopped in for a moment. The students had created wonderful projects as an activity tying in with their study of Ancient Egypt. What was so great was how they were moving in rotations from one project to another, viewing the project, and critiquing each one.This helped them to really focus on other students' projects as well as their own - a collaborative activity. I asked Ms. Manzelli to write a blurb about the project, and this is what she said:
" Seventh graders on the Blue Team have been studying Ancient Egyptian culture, government, and history. As a culminating project, students were asked to create a model project which illustrated in 3D an aspect of ancient Egyptian life. Students brought in items ranging from a diorama of the Nile River Valley to the interior of King Tut’s tomb, to a bust statue of Queen Nefertiti. At their “Ancient Egypt Fair,” students rotated among projects, constructively evaluating their peers’ work and commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of other projects. In addition, the class period ended with a short discussion on the structures, people, and geography that shaped the lives of ancient Egyptians more than 3000 years ago."
There were many wonderful projects produced. Enjoy the pictures that Mrs. Manzelli captured with her iPad -I was only able to include a few in this post, but she has archived them for posterity in a folder at school. So - long after the projects have been thrown away, there will be a visual record of them. I encourage all of you to document your children's work. You never know when it might come in handy.

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