Friday, December 10, 2010

Amazing Attendance at Bethany Middle School Evening Winter Concert

I was blown away last evening by the number of parents, siblings, relatives and friends that attended the winter concert. There was a bit of delay at the beginning because the bleachers, usually reserved for the choir, band, and strings students (when they are not performing) were filled to capacity with folks who came out on a very chilly night to enjoy the performance. I have never seen a crowd as large as the one that attended last evening, and that is a great testiment to our wonderful music teachers' ability to be so inclusive. The numbers of students participating in band, chorus, and strings has swelled to monumental proportions. Amazing! Here is a shot of the choir. I had to go to the very back of the gymnasium in order to fit its expanse into the capacity of my wide-angle lense. Go Amity! Go Arts!

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