Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Well, Labor Day is nearly over, and it's been a very nice weekend. We have been back to school for an entire week, if you count the professional day on Monday. It seems as if we never left. Everything went quite smoothly, and we are fired up for another leaning adventure.
Anyway, I was looking at some of my  favorite blogs this evening and happened to click on Bob Sprankle's blog. He is a computer technology integration specialist at the elementary school in Wells, Maine. He was one of the main motivators I had for getting involved in developing a Personal Learning Network through webcasts, Twitter, and blogs.
His most recent post was about his "Summer at Yale." He hadn't actually been in New Haven, but he had found a whole course offered free from iTunesU on the Civil War taught by Yale Professor David Blight. Bob had downloaded the lectures and was able to listen to them at his convenience. Bob blogs: " All summer long, I mowed the grass with Prof. Blight. Took long walks with Prof. Blight. Went jogging with Prof. Blight. Drove to the beach with Prof. Blight. Most of the time, when one hour’s program ended, I went right into the next lecture, not having to wait for days as his students had to do when it unfolded in “real time.”

Bob offered a workshop on podcasting at a conference this summer, and he said most of the attendees of his session said their best "take-away" was the information on iTunesU.
Hence, I decided to share it in my blog. I hope someone discovers or revisits this resource as a result of this post. Happy Learning!!!!!

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