Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Goggles -

Oh, my Gosh,
In my previous post, I included a video on Google Wave.
I was going to shut down my computer lid and go do some holiday baking, but I followed another link and found this brand new app from Google called "Google Goggles". It allows you to take a picture on your cell phone and Google will search on the picture for you - no typing or voice. Thankfully, they will not do a search, YET!, on a picture of a person because of privacy issues.
Anyway, take a look at this. I like the fact that in the future you can take a picture of a tree leaf or a flower, and Google may be able to identify it for you.I never can remember names of plants that I see and would like to get for my backyard perennial garden.

Now I really am going to go do something else besides stare into this computer screen. I need more balance in my life!
I hope you enjoyed learning about these Google apps. It also makes me a bit afraid!

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