Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back To School 2009-2010

Welcome back, everyone, to a new school year.
The summer flew by. Thank goodness I had the motivation of the calendar feature on my iPhone to journal, at least a little, of the events of every day.
As for this woefully, neglected blog, now that the new school year is here, I hope to document new things I'm learning that I feel are worth sharing with my colleagues and students alike.
In fact, I downloaded a Seedlings podcast to my iPhone today from February of 2009. Bob Sprankle was interviewing the owner of, a site set up where people who are drawing challenged can still create cartoons. The site is free, but the owners, a husband and wife team, offer a subscription service to schools where teachers can have kids use the tools and share their cartoons in a safe, walled environment. It is offered by the month and fee per student, so you are not locked into an expensive contract.

It was a smooth start to the new year. Let's hope for wonderful achievements from our students.

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