Monday, March 23, 2009

Professional Development Day at Amity

There were lots of technology offerings for our Professional Development Day.
Because I was teaching the Smart Board Notebook 10 software offering, I didn't get to hear about some of the other technology workshops.
Please comment here. Share what workshop you participated in and something valuable you learned at the workshop you can share with our community.

Besides the workshops, I had also signed up for a webinar from Discovery Streaming at 7:00 this evening. The featured speaker was Don Tapscott, the author of Growing Up Digital, written about 12 years ago. He has recently published Grown up Digital, about these digital natives who have now entered the workforce.
While there were some glitches in the audio, it was a pretty interesting session. There was also a team of experts on hand answering questions and responding to messages sent from participants in the "live chat" window.
Vicki Davis, who runs the "coolcatteacher" blog was on hand. She is also one of the teachers who set up the now world-famous wiki - Flat Earth Project. She responded personally to 2 or 3 of my posts to the chat - very exciting.
I must admit, I did have a hard time paying attention to the speaker and his presentation and following the chat at the same time. Others didn't seem to have the same problem; they were also on Twitter.

Anyway, go to Don's blog, "NetgenEd,grownupdigital" for more information.

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

I went to Megan's iPodsibilities workshop. It was wonderful. We learned many ways to incorporate iPods in the classroom. We learned that we can have lectures, reviews, directions, quizzes, educational games, and students recording responses and pronunciations all using the iPod. We also saw how engaged the students are when they get to use them. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.
Lisa Lassen

Eileen Kazdan said...

I learned how to make a gmail web-site yesterday that I can really use with my students. I was so glad to have the time to learn it and have a person there to help as I navigated through it. I only wish I had more time because I wanted to learn moodle and smart board as well. As we all know...there is never enough time. Great day.

Warren said...

The feedback from the teachers has been very positive from yesterday's sessions. They really appreciated the time to work on projects using technology. I hope we are able to give the teachers similar opportunities in the future.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Moodle workshop. It was a wonderful presentation. We can do so much with this classroom management system. I think I still need time to get comfortable with it, as I am generally not so great with computer. But I believe once I start using it, I will really love it. Thanks Nick & Marika.

Ying Lee

Cheryl Oakes said...

Carolyn, this blog looks like it is the heart of your school. You should be very proud that so many comment and read your blog. It is great when we can attend workshops, but when we can reflect and continue the conversation online the learning is solid.
For you Moodle lovers, check our Laurie Korte, she has a wonderful, EASY book called Moodle Magic. Just google her. She has a great ning site where you can continue speaking to others. Nice stopping by.