Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Faith is experimenting with Wordle

Faith is experimenting with Wordle with her student library advisory board. They will be creating "word clouds" using Wordle.

She wanted a way to get their creations from the web page into her blog.

I tried one. Let's see how it looks.

Faith likes it! I am so pleased.


Jim Moulton said...

Carolyn -

Jim Moulton here, from Edutopia's Spiral Notebook - thought this was a more appropriate way to respond to your query about Norm!

No Norm in the branches of my family tree that I know of... Thanks for asking!

I've taken a tour through your blog, and can see that you are doing tons to support the teachers you work with!

Drove through Gorham a couple of times in the last week - Perhaps I'll see you in Farmington, Ellsworth, Camden, Houlton, or Eliot on one of your visits to Maine!

I do love Wordle - a new "way" to see words. I also love visuwords.com



Mrs. Miller said...

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for helping me post Wordle on my blog. Students really like doing this! I also just read Jim's comment about visuwords and I'm off to see what that is all about!!

Mrs. Miller said...

Thanks for showing me how to post Wordle on my blog - students really like using it! I just read Jim's comment about visuwords, so I'm off to check it out-

Mrs. Stanley said...

Faith and Jim,
Thanks to both of you for commenting on my blog. It is the interaction between folks that makes a blog powerful, and it's disheartening when no one seems to read it.
I, too, will take a look at "visuwords".
Thanks again.