Monday, December 8, 2008

A very inspirational video - Benjamin Zander speaking at TED

I came across this video presentation last Friday night into early Saturday morning. I should have gone to bed, but I was researching on the web, and we all know how one link leads to another. Actually, I was looking at a wiki that Toby had sent me, and somehow I ended up on a blog entitled "Learning in Maine" written by Jim Burke Here is the link to his blog:

On his blog, I was fascinated reading about twitter, watching the tutorial on how to use "Google Docs", reading the cartoons, scrolling down, and then I came to the post entitled "Leaders Empower Others". There were two videos from YouTube of Benjamin Zander, an orchestra conductor, speaking at the TED conference where the finest, most creative minds from all over the world gather to share their insights. The first selection runs 10 minutes and is worth watching, but it is the 2nd selection which runs 20 minutes that is a must. It was already 1:00am when I clicked on the video. I figured I'd look at it for a couple of minutes and then give up and go to bed. Well, I was so captivated that I watched the whole thing and have since watched it again. When it ended at 1:30am or so, I had tears running down my cheeks, and I was applauding loudly with the rest of the audience. It's a good thing my husband was sound asleep in the bedroom, for he surely would have wondered what was going on.
Please take the time to watch this video.
Here it the direct link to it on YouTube:

Enjoy! Please leave me a comment on this blog.


Jim Burke said...

I certainly agree with you on the power of his message, Carolyn. Empowering others needs to be what it is all about . . . it the same old IALAC . . . everyone needs to feel loved and capable.

Thanks for the link to Learning in Maine. :) Now. . . get some sleep!


Rich Dellinger said...

Hi Carolyn-
The video clip of Benjamin Zander is one of the most powerful clips I have ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing. I will certainly help you promote his "vision" of empowering others. I beleive that it is our responsibility both as educators and parents.

Rich Dellinger

Mrs. Miller said...

Shining eyes - don't we all love when we see that in our students' eyes! I also love his comments about the power of words.

Thanks for sharing this, Carolyn-


jason.tracy said...

Thank you for sharing this Carolyn. It has resonated with me and has given me personal insight and motivation as an educator and soon-to-be parent. I truely believe that the eyes are a window into the soul, and this video reinforced that belief.