Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Using a Cluster Map to See Locations of Visitors to Your Site

Here I go again, experimenting.
I listened to the recording of a webinar from Edutopia with Will Richardson on Making Global Connections and on how the web is changing our lives and opening up our world.
He showed how one young girl's blog has reached out to audiences world wide. When her grandfather died in Dec. of 2007, she decided to make a difference in her community for each of 25 days. Then she decided, with her mother's permission and guidance, to blog about it. Her project has grown into nearly 365 days of making a difference in her community and has touched and inspired others all over the world to do the same.
Here is the address of her blog:

I looked at her cluster map and decided to try on for my blog. I doubt I'll have the coverage she does. The site gave me .html code to paste into my blog to get the map. So here goes. Hope it works:

Locations of visitors to this page

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Jerem's mom said...

I read about this student. I haven't visited her blog, but I intend to view it right now.
Thanks for posting this in your blog and for trying the global map.
Nancy Goss