Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting Started Again in a New Year

Week #3, Thingie #5 (Flicker)
Well, things got very busy at the end of 2007. That coupled with the fact that I got a chest cold that wouldn't let go for nearly four weeks slowed down my progress with my Classroom Learning 2.0 project.
Tonight, I finally got the energy to go back into the 23 things page, review what I'd done, and get ready to forge ahead.
I registered my blog on the Classroom Learning 2.0 site. I won't be able to receive moderation from the administrators there, but I hope to connect to other users through blog rolls - something else new for me.
I also went out to Flicker and started familiarizing myself with that site. I am already a member of Shutterfly and have posted many pictures there. On Shutterfly, most of my pictures are available by invitation only. I do have a number of nice nature pictures I am willing to share, so soon I will try uploading some of them to Flicker.
I also need to try and use Flicker's blogging tool to upload a picture from their site and comment on it.
It's getting late, and I must go to bed. It's been a busy two weeks with lots of active teaching. I've been working with the 7th grade science teachers. They did a lab with their students called "By Golly, By Gum" where the students weighed unchewed and chewed pieces of gum and then figured out the difference, the ratio, and the percentage of sugar. I transformed the math they had done with calculators into an introductory Excel exercise - a first introduction to using formulas in Excel for most of the kids. They also graphed their results. The student feedback was positive, so I feel really good about the lesson.

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