Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Completing the Tasks

Thing #2 post
I watched the narrated slideshow on the 71/2 habits of lifelong learners. It was nicely done, and I liked the pane with the printed text of the narration on the left. That allowed me to skim throught the information faster than it was being narrated and go through all of the slides.
I pretty much do all of the things listed as key components. My hardest part is goal-setting and getting it down on paper, either real or virtual. I know I must do this. I get so easily distracted when I am researching (learning) on the web, and I get off track. Having my goals written down and a plan for achieving them hopefully will keep me focused.
Using Google Notebook has been a tremendous aid in helping me track and annotate and remember where I've been, where I'm going, and where I want to be.

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amityms said...

Hey Carolyn -

Your blog is looking great - and i love your avatar! Nice job! So far, so good - now it's on to Flickr and Mashups - can't wait!!